Monday, February 18, 2008

The cosmos in his eyes....

Had an amazing Friday: Had lunch in St Kilda with wonderful Yasmin Boland whom I have not seen in about 14 years. Yasmin is not only a friend but was my first boss in magazine land, so she has played a very large role in my life and continues to astound me with her ability to grab life by the nether regions and go,go,go for it.

Have to say that as soon as we sat to chat the years melted and I felt like I'd last had lunch with her only a month ago.

In the decade-plus in which I haven't seen her, Yasmin has 1) carved a niche for herself as one of the world's most revered astrologers, 2) Married Olivier, the most welcoming, marvellous, charming man who clearly adores her (I approve heartily) and 3) given birth to Louis who, at the age of one, has already developed a cockle-warming smile and carries his heart on his sleeve and the cosmos in his eyes.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and my phone just didn't cut it, so I've nicked these photos from Yasmin's blog.

Knit news: Spent the weekend trying to knock-out baby hats for nenna'smum, who is on a mission to save lives in a freezing orphanage in South East china. If anyone wants to help, post me and I'll get you details.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Victoria,

I'd be interested in helping knit the hats... do you have a specific pattern? Can you send me the details please?

Looks like you're doing well - love your current WIP and looking forward to seeing the end result...might try it at some stage...